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About EVA and Virtual Assistants

My name is Jan Clark and I founded/created EVA - Electronic Virtual
Assistant in May 2004.  My passion is to help people succeed in their
business and reach their professional and personal goals by providing
and implementing business solutions that are right for them.  

As a VA, I choose to
partner with (not work for) my clients to provide
business solutions and services on many levels.  I get to know your
business and implement plans, solutions, and virtual services, thus
removing obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals.  I love
when a client feels relieved when I take over projects that stress

My varied background includes: operational and strategic planning,
training and development, insurance, business resumption planning,
and executive administrative support.  I worked in corporate and
small business environments for over 20 years before opening my
virtual business doors in 2004.

I find my best work comes when I do something creative and/or
Let's see how I can help you strategically plan your path
to success.

When I realized I wouldn't be able to do this alone for much longer
while keeping my own expectations for my business AND those of my
clients, I began buildin
g Team EVA in 2010.  

About Virtual Assistants
The VA concept is new to some people, but VAs have been around for
longer than you may know.  EVA is a proud member of
Virtual Assistants, Digital Women, and the International Virtual
Assistants Association (IVAA), a non-profit worldwide professional
trade organization for virtual assistants.  Here is the IVAA’s
definition:  “A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur
providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing
advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a
professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her
own office on a contractual basis."  

Members of IVAA and CoVAs are colleagues eager to share as they
learn and are ready to collaborate on numerous efforts.  When you
hire Electronic Virtual Assistant,
you actually hire the knowledge
and experience of a team
of VAs around the globe!  

Outsourcing services or projects to Team EVA  -
saves you costs
with an on-site or temporary employee such as:
> Taxes
> Benefits (insurance, 401K, vacation pay, sick leave)
> Office space and furniture
> Computer hardware and software
> Office equipment (copier, phone, fax)
> Continuing education and training
> Inactive time on the job!
You only pay for time spent on your project or tasks.  Ideal, isn’t it?
About EVA
Your success is our
success!  Let us
help you take your
business to the
next level .  

Contact me at
EVA today!