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EVA Local Services from Montrose to Telluride!
Here are some non-virtual services - let's face it, even I
need to get out of the office on occasion!

Computer Tutor
Even before I became EVA - Electronic Virtual Assistant, I had been
working with computers and a plethora of programs for many years.  I
know many people find the computer a little daunting and difficult.  Let
me walk you through some "101" starter lessons on those programs
instead of struggling along by yourself.  You can ask any question and
not "feel silly" as you might in a class with many others.

Get Organized!
How efficient is your work area?  Do you spend too much time fumbling
around for the item that just disappeared?  Getting organized and
staying organized can make business so much easier and enjoyable.  
We can create an organized environment to help you get through your
day with a efficient, effective plan that you can maintain.

Exceptional Customer Service Training
Ah, the lost art of customer service.  That's where I come in!  This
training segment became essential after hearing about and
experiencing deplorable customer service.  If you are a business owner
or manager and would like more information about EVA's Exceptional
Customer Service Training, don't wait and lose more customers -
contact EVA today!

Personal Shopping
At the request of friends, I am once again offering personal shopping
services.  This is mainly for
Mountain Village and Telluride seasonal
residents who are coming in for their visit. You can either send me your
list of items to be purchased, or you can complete my shopping/grocery
form selecting the items you would like purchased and delivered to your
home before your arrival date.  After a day of travelling, do you really
want to spend time at the store?

Personal Assistant
For busy professionals who aren't able to delegate certain tasks to an
"employee", I am happy to professionally provide Personal Assistance
with utmost integrity, protecting your personal/business matters.

Party and Event Planning
Are you fresh out of creative ideas for an upcoming event?  Let me
assist you in making it a
terrific event.  From invitations to menu
planning to decor, together I can show you the easy way to successfully
entertain and have fun!  You will feel confident in knowing you achieved
your event goals - with a little help from a friend!