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Team EVA
I've have been nurturing and growing EVA since 2004 and my clients
mean EVERYTHING to me.  Without them, I wouldn't be in business.  I
consider it as *sharing the love* when they send more and more and
more work my way.  Depending on my workload, I may not be able to
expedite all of their work myself within a time frame that suits my
business model and my expectations as a business owner.  That's were
Team EVA kicks in!  

I have built (and continue to build) a team of highly competent,
professional, trusted team members.  My team is small but comprised
of fabulous, successful VAs that I specifically hand-picked, network with,
and actually know!  

SHERYL:  Sheryl and I connected in January 2011.  She has real estate
assistance experience working on advertising, web maintenance, mass
mailings, and with multiple industry specific software programs.  She
also gained previous experience with title searches and various forms of
research activities.  When Sheryl was local, it was great to hand her a
project and I was confident that she would expedite it and get it back
before the client expected it!  Sheryl has since relocated out of the area
but remains a critical member of Team EVA and I couldn't make it
without her!

SARAH:  Sarah and I connected in August 2011 at a local coffee shop.  
She has experience in grant writing, fund raising projects, marketing,
and research.  Sarah has handled many projects for me with
professionalism and expertise.  

SANDRA:  Sandra found me in December 2011 after working virtually
for 3 years.  She is an experienced Social Media Marketing manager,
but also likes creating marketing flyers, designing working on
newsletters, designing website content; research projects, data entry,
and spreadsheets.   She is a great addition to Team EVA!

Interested in joining Team EVA?  Let's connect.  You can find me on
Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (click any logo on the right).  Prior to
actually becoming a virtual member of Team EVA, you may be required
to provide references and samples of your work.  Building relationships
takes time and only for those willing to put in the time and effort.

Needing to dig a little deeper?  This questionnaire may help you.  It was
designed not only to help me learn about you, but also to help you
self-evaluate to determine if you are a good fit as a virtual assistant.  
Download, complete, and return my
Join Team EVA questionnaire.
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