Going Green
Make Smart Choices
If everyone in the world took one simple daily action toward saving energy, preventing pollution,
and protecting the environment, it would add up to almost 7 billion pro-active steps towards
saving the planet and making the world a better place to live.  Isn't that the impact you want to

Easy Steps to Going Green
HIRE A VA.  That's right!  Sure, I am a proponent of VAs, but seriously, hiring a VA is a green-
choice because it means:
  • one less commuter on the roadways (VAs usually work from a home office).
  • going paperless - as projects are handled via the internet, scanning, etc.
  • saving energy costs because you won't have to heat/cool, light or provide electronic
    equipment to an onsite employee workstation.

RECYCLE.  Recycling is so easy and is available most communities (some offer it for free).  It takes
minimal time and effort on your part and we all reap the benefits by lightening up the load on the
landfills.  If your service doesn't include all materials in the program, check with an area recycle
center and drop off the items directly.

SHUT OFF THE WATER.  Don't leave the water running while you brush your teeth, wash the
dishes, rinse veggies, etc.

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS.  First change out to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, but turn the
light off when you leave a room.

USE CANVAS SHOPPING BAGS.  You can purchase the reusable shopping bags for a dollar or two
and they hold much more than those flimsy plastic bags (ever had one rip and your groceries roll
all over the sidewalk? - - fun!).