your volume
by outsourcing to


Eliminate the hassle
and costs
associated with
on-site equipment
and employees.
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EVA Rates
with EVA you
only pay for
the time spent
on YOUR tasks.
Think about this…an on-site employee costs more than just their "hired
salary”.  To figure the actual cost, add in the taxes, office equipment,
office space, and benefits package!  YIKES!  

EVA rates are set according to the work to be performed be it general
services, complex services, packages, and/or materials.  Remember,
with Electronic Virtual Assistant, you only pay for time spent on your
project and is billed in 15-minute increments.    

Please note: services requested to be performed after hours, on
weekends, or on holidays are billed at higher rates.  

free initial consultation to discuss your projects and requirements is
the first step.  

Hourly Agreement
EVA’s Hourly Agreement is great if you have a special project.  Hours
are billed in 15-minute increments.  Detailed invoicing provides in-depth
description of work performed.  A partial down-payment is required
with balance due in full upon delivery of the completed project.  

Pre-Paid Partner Package Agreement
For clients seeking a block of guaranteed hours each month, EVA's
Partner Package is billed at a
discounted rate.  With the Partner
Package, the client will pay in advance for services because time is
reserved for your work and is a priority.  A detailed description of the
work will be provided upon request.  (Unused hours will roll into next
month’s block of hours one time only.)

Together we can choose the plan that best fits your needs.  Both
parties will sign an Agreement to ensure clarity prior to
commencement of services.